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They trusted us


Jockey Boys Europe

The JockeyBoys consists of 2 Dutch DJs, Richy George and Ryan van Zichem, who have been very busy conquering the Dance world since 2013. At present, things are going really well for the JockeyBoys, and most certainly abroad. This autumn they will be playing in, among other places, Poland, Hungary, Curaçao, Suriname and Namibia.

Requests from places such as Poland, Hungary, Curaçao, Suriname and Namibia have meanwhile been received.
 There is also interest from America and Dubai, and the guys are considering the possibility of a European tour.
After the release of HIGHER, label contracts have been signed in Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Albania and Cyprus. Negotiations are still taking place with North America, South America and Asia.

The guys now have almost 14,000 followers on twitter.

Since recently, they have been sponsored by MONSTER, with regard to the Headphones. And lately, DJ Tiësto recorded the guys in his Club Life Podcast (54:50 min).

The JockeyBoys have the unique factor of translating World cities into music under the motto:

In My Head We Dance

Their first release In My Head We Dance (ft. Sem de Witt) was immediately a smash hit, and had its premiere with De Telegraaf.
The clip In My Head We Dance was recorded in Miami and has meanwhile been viewed 233,000 times on YouTube.
Immediately after release, they entered the I-Tunes charts at number 283 and the Electronic style at number 8.
Soon after release, the popular Dutch blog used a piece from the track In My Head We Dance under one of its film clips.
On 30 April 2013 (last Queen’s Day), the guys were able to play in Utrecht before an audience of a few thousand people, with fantastic reactions yet again! Furthermore, In My Head We Dance was used for an advertisement for a car company in Florida (USA).
The second single HIGHER became an even greater success.
The radio premiere was on Friday 28 June 2013 with Giel Beelen on 3FM.
The guys entered the I-tunes Dance charts at number 21.
The clip was viewed more than 434,000 times on YouTube.
The JockeyBoys along with Nance were live guests on the programme DE AVONDPLOEG (THE EVENING SHIFT) on SLAM!FM.
The JockeyBoys are even in the DJ Magazine Polls.

Giel Beelen on 3FM

The single HIGHER and the collaboration with NANCE COOLEN were featured extensively in the Dutch press.
Below are some nice examples:

Still Going Strong

The JockeyBoys have got a taste for it and there will be no holding them back.
On 21 December 2013, the JockeyBoys were guest artists at the Gelredome Arnhem during the Tina Turner Experience.
They were asked to make exclusive remixes of 3 tracks by Tina Turner. On 16 January 2014, the JockeyBoys were guests of Radio 538 in the programme ‘De show zonder naam’ (the show with no name). They were asked to make a track using the jingles of radio 538.
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Hans Kazàn

Hans Kazàn was born on March 25, 1953. After his award winning performance at the World Championships in Paris, he began his career as a professional entertainer in 1973. Shortly thereafter he produced his fist own television shows in The Netherlands.

On stage Hans Kazàn worked as quest speaker, presenter and entertainer with international celebrities like David Copperfield and Lionell Richie, but also with numerous Dutch artists, politicians, business leaders and several members of the Royal Family. Hans Kazàn is a popular speaker that enhances the power of his story with amazing magical effects. Hans Kazàn is a man with a mission. A entrepreneur who can change dreams into reality. A man who knows many successes, but also has experienced the other site of the picture. During his long career, he has learned by trial and error that life is hard and sometimes fate can arise from unexpected sources. After each setback, he fought back. Now, he learned from his experiences and is stronger, happier and more successful than ever. Hans is an entrepreneur with passion. He draws his knowledge from experience and research. He talks about business in a surprisingly, exciting and authentic way. About falling, getting up and moving on. About dealing with changes. About the many ways that ultimately contribute to your success and happiness. "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is appreciating what you have. " Are those two things in perfect balance, you’ll have a wonderful life. Hans makes clear that if you have a purpose in life, you will get there anyhow. Read more


Hattertainment is an artist management bureau which goes that bit further than ‘just’ artist management. With years of experience with various top artists in the Netherlands, combined with speed and rejuvenation, Hattertainment aims to stand out.

Quality and the personal touch are the most important to us! Hattertainment believes that an artist management bureau should serve the artist, and not the other way round.
 An artist has something of immeasurable value - in other words talent - and that talent must be cherished and protected at all times.

An artist management bureau must act as the tracks on which the artist’s ‘train’ can run smoothly at all times, at a continual high speed.

The greatest ‘WHY’ of artists is usually MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY WITH THEIR TALENTS. Hattertainment feels honoured to offer a platform to allow that wonderful ambition to be achieved!



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